Falling In Love

Loving You

How falling in love: Fall but jgn staggered, consistent but jgn force, sharing and jgn be inequitable, understand and try not unt demanding, sad tp jgn never save the sadness.

The new love that is given to blindly incomer menghargainya.Jd jgn terburu2 and select a best.

Love is not how mnjd couples who "perfect" for someone, tp how to find someone to help you mnjd sentient self.

Jgn prnh say "I Love U" if km do not care, do not talk about the feeling prnh ada.Jgn prnh prnh not touch someone's life if it will destroy hatinya.Jgn prnh kalu who looked into his eyes you do is lie.

The most cruel thing to do for someone who someone else adl let it fall in love, while you do not intend to catch unt,,,,

Love is not "This One You", tp "Forgive AQ". Not "You Dmna Sih?", Tp "Aq Dsni". Not "How Sih You?", Tp "You know Aq Kok". Not "Just You Rich Gini" , tp "Aq love you like you know what is."

Only felt sadness and longing for who you want, and cut as deep as you who are not heavy izinkan.Yg how to cope with sadness and longing, tp how to learn from him ...

It hurt to see someone who you love is being happy with someone else, tp hurts even worse when you love someone who is not happy with you.

Love will be painful when you split up with someone, even more painful when you are forgotten by kekasihmu.Tp Love will hurt even more if you love someone who does not know what you really feel.

Most pathetic estate adl find someone and fall in love, only to find that dy is not unt unt you and you've spent a lot of time unt Unresponsive prnh someone appreciates it.

Tp you're not a bad person if you still love dy, despite knowing dy created not for you ....